Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's makeover time again

Here's the next installment of my furniture makeovers. This credenza started off as a pretty shabby buy from craigslist. It was originally a dull white, with cup rings, burn marks, and a sticky texture that turned to crazy glue anytime we put something on it. The inside was a strawberry shortcake pink--enough said, right?

My "before" picture is in two parts, because I didn't remember to take out the camera until I had already removed the credenza doors.

And I can't believe our place was that disorganized just a few days ago! We've come a long way since then, thankfully!

And here's the "after!"

I opted to not strip the paint, in order to save time. But if I had it to do over again (and if I had a work area that I did not also live in), I would probably get rid of the previous layers of paint, to get a smoother surface overall. But, I'm happy for now. I painted the interior a satin white, and the exterior a satin gray (à la Martha Stewart paints). I sealed the fresh paint with a clear, water-based Minwax wood stain. It adds a nice shine, and should hopefully deter the surface from turning into crazy glue again.

I still need a knob for each of the doors, but I'm waiting until I find the perfect one. There are some really cute knobs at Anthropologie I have my eye on. What do you think? Any favorites? Email me--I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I've been working hard on finishing a lot of our furniture, since we moved. Everything is stuff that we already owned, but we're trying to spruce it up and give our pieces some major makeovers for our new place.

The first project was our kitchen table and chairs, which I've been wanting to change, basically since I painted them a year ago.

Here's a before shot of the table (this is actually a picture I took for craigslist, in the hopes that someone would take the table off of my hands....didn't work).

And here it is after many hours of work....

It was a long process that started with stripping the paint. I tried a few different varieties of these horrible chemicals, and discovered that the Jasco Premium Paint and Epoxy remover is the way to go.

After the paint was all gone and I had sanded everything with my new power sander (yay!), I stained two layers of Minwax's Jacobean stain.

Once the stain was finished and dry, I commissioned Ted to cut out 11 inch letter stencils, for the table top. After many attempts to find the right stencil paint, I selected a white stencil paint and brush from Michaels.

The final step was to polyurethane two layers on the table and legs, to protect the stain and stencils.

I'll post more about the new chairs and other projects soon.