Friday, August 28, 2009


We're finished with our summer traveling and back in LA for awhile. Anguilla for two weeks, and France for five's a hard life!

And since everyone should have received their wedding "Merci" from us, from France, I'll post some pictures of the card-making process.

I chose some plain postcards in a light blue and embellished the fronts with cutout hearts in a natural colored linen. I then sewed the hearts onto the paper, using a machine (similar to the wedding invitations from a few months ago!)

Next I stamped each heart with a cursive "Merci" in red ink. I like the action shot for this one!

To give each stamp texture, I dusted embossing powder over the wet ink.

And lastly, the embossing "gun" to finish the process...this basically melts the embossing powder so that the stamp now has a raised texture to it. Then we said "bon voyage" to our postcards!

And I couldn't finish this post without leaving you an image of one of the many beautiful views from where we were staying in France. This particular shot was taken at sunset on my birthday! Happy day!