Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I got some new sewing books for Christmas, and I wanted to make a couple of the projects for a couple of my many favorite little cousins. The first picture is of a fabric ball made up of hexagons and pentagons stitched together and then stuffed with batting. It's super soft!

Here is a fabric memory game: Ted printed out the pictures on printable fabric, I cut out 36 squares of vintage-y floral fabric for the back and 72 squares of light colored felt for the stuffing. Then I glued together the layers like a sandwich! Fabric on the bottom, then two layers of felt, then the picture on top. To finish it off, I stitched around the images and cut the edges with scalloped scissors.

I used 18 different images. There are two sets of each pictures, so that they can be matched up when they're turned over (we all played this when we were little!). Some of the pictures are of my family, and some are a few of my favorite snapshots from different trips I took this year (France, San Fransisco, and sailing in Maryland).

I hope both of my cousins enjoy their presents, and send me pictures, Aunt Mary!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Brunch

Well, since Ted was going to be gone teaching all day yesterday, I decided to have some of my favorite Los Angeles girls over for a Valentine's Brunch. I sent out invitations a couple of weeks ago, printed on the computer and adorned with fabric hearts.

It was so much fun, and I was glad to share the day with my friends yesterday. I made a LOT of food (with matching restaurant style cards), and we ate ourselves silly. Let's see, where to begin?

Goat cheese frittata with zucchini and Canadian bacon
Balsamic blackberry and rosemary crostata (a big hit)
Mango chutney and white cheddar buns
Smoked turkey and homegrown arugula tea sandwiches with herbed mayonnaise
Mixed salad greens tossed with CA oranges, avocado, red onion, and a champagne vinaigrette
Whole wheat fairy cakes with buttercream frosting

Then we made jasamine scented candles in some tea cups I picked up at a flea market (in my excitement I forgot to take a picture of them all together), and decorated heart cookies. I sent everybody home with a goody bag, so they could take some of the sugar off my hands!